2015/03/27, GitHub is hit by DDoS attack.

Hacker News
Someone in the middle between a client outside China and Baidu, allegedly it should be the Great Fire Wall, changed the javascript file from Baidu and added some code so that any client executing the javascript file will periodically access https://github.com/greatfire/ and https://github.com/cn-nytimes/. This means any user who is accessing a site using Baidu Analytics will be an attacker to github.

Billions of Chinese computers are used as Botnet to DDoS GitHub.(“全民肉鸡”)
And then the GitHub is blocked by GFVV.
Now in China it is hard to visit github.com.

Anyway, this blog is based on GitHub Page, so it is blocked in China, too.
That means that I can talk about some sensitive topic freely?
No, I don’t want to be ‘Chashuibiao’(it means I was fxcked by someone).

Though most of my blogs are written in Chinese, and now it cannot visited directly in China.
I will keep writing blogs here. :-)
Because I have many friends here! I believe they can visit my blog in some way.

I want to say: ‘If you cannot visit my blog, send me a email and I will teach you how to do it’, but if someone cannot visit my blog then how did he see what I said.

This joke is cold.

My English is poor, if there was something wrong please tell me.
Thank you for reading.